Sunday, 16 November 2008


No Good Boyo escorted myself and Arianrhod to our local commemoration of an English backyard auto-de-fé last night, at which pink-faced plumbers ate pork products as their children danced around a bonfire. It looked like any given Saturday night in the High Carpathians to me.

Boyo was intrigued to see that our neighbour's wife had broken her leg. "Does that mean you're housebound and unable to run fast?" he asked politely.

We returned home shortly afterwards for a variety of closely-linked reasons.

Boyo sought to comfort me with an offer to have the choice moments of my web blog published in book form. "The postcard format is making a comeback," he explained.

I laughed until he'd stopped crying.


M C Ward said...

The title aside, this is the first time I've read one of your posts and understood the bits in a foreign tongue. My self-esteem has skyrocketed.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm sure there are women who would see a certain boyish charm in Boyo's question. I don't know any myself, but I'm sure they exist.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Though I understand the term "High Carpathians", my self-esteem has been rocked by not understanding auto-de-fé. ("Car boot sale"?)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Postcard Play!

Sorry. My German's non-existant so I was chuffed to get this one.

Auto-de-fé: to burn the outside of a raw past-sell-date sausage on the manifold of a Hillman Imp.

No Good Boyo said...

I prefer auto-da-fé myself. The Portuguese sounds more street, like "Monkz in da Hoodz".

Auto de fé - a pixie car!

Mrs Boyo said...

MC, to mark this auspicious moment I have formally appointed you my first blog follower.

Boyo has more followers, mainly drunk women, but can't work out the technology to add them. Ha.

M C Ward said...

Mme de Boyo, I'm deeply honored. You're also right about your spouse's oliverreedesque following - lipstick-smeared lushes the lot of them/us.

Gyppo Byard said...

Auto-da-Fe: Car made of iron.

Mrs Pouncer said...

Frau Boyo
Ich bin davon uberzeugt dass (wenn man alles in Betracht zieht alles in allem) das kleinere Ubel seinen Kummer mit Alkohol betauben. Ja genau: sich betrinken, blau wie ein Veilchen, noch eins zum Abgewohnen, usw.
Wie ist deine Meinung?
Frau Pouncer

No umlauts, as per.

Mrs Boyo said...

Liebe Clarissa,

Im Boyohaus ist das Trinken mir ein Zuschauersport.

"Ein voller Becher Weins zur rechten Zeit Ist mehr wert, als alle Reiche dieser Erde!"